Learn&Know mental health problems of the elderly

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Learn&Know mental health problems of the elderly.

Hello all readers Has everyone ever wondered. Why some of our elder relatives like to have neglected us? Or perhaps there are ups and downs. Some people like to have fun with their grandchildren. Some people like to keep quiet. and some people like to go to temples to make merit Of course, these reasons always have their origins. Today, Sun would like to take everyone to find their hearts in old age. that what causes people in old age Those behaviors happen.

Old age or the end of life. If we try to visualize it simply that we can enter old age We have to go through since infancy, childhood, adolescence, middle age, adulthood, all of the above mentioned ages are the precursor to the old age behavior. All of them have an influence on the mental health of the elderly. Yesterday’s days still shape us into who we are today. For old people as well by UFABET.

Next, Sun would like to talk about the main factors. that affects the mental health of the elderly

The first thing is the deterioration of the body. Whether it’s a blurry vision Ears whose ability to hear is less pronounced Thought and memory systems that begin to deteriorate Think about it if it’s us. If we used to use our body to do simple things well. But when one day we couldn’t do it anymore. We too would feel bad, not less.

and the second thing that will follow is not accepting their own changes for example Repairing various damaged items at home Most of which are electrical appliances. Or changing light bulbs We usually forbid him to do it. Because he was worried about the accident that would happen to him But people of this age tend to secretly do it themselves often because. In the minds of people at this age, he always thought that repairing the things he did he always did And was never anything from the experience in life that he had done. 

Which what he thinks is correct, but not all Old people have a memory system.

That is accurate and does not fade away. Which part is derived from direct experience or skillful action. That was why he was confident in his repair. But because of his physical deterioration. which may be visual dizziness when staring or doing something for a long time or the matter of various strengths that are not the same It often causes accidents often. And when that is the case, we always argue with you, but even so, you did all this. Because you just wanted to help us in what you could. Try to find a way to talk to each other, but if you really can’t talk. We try to change to make an appointment with him to do while we are there. will careful of accidents and consider doing some activities together

The third is the feeling of worthlessness. 

The fact that people have the ability or have something to do for most of their lives. but one day We must stop doing it or not be able to do it again. It may result in people of this age feeling that they are worthless. Increasingly, some people who have left their jobs have no salary as before. Or someone who is injure from physical work and can’t do things on their own, you will feel more guilty. In the past, we often heard the news. That elderly people were trick into spending money. For a larger amount later That’s Because you really just want to make yourself useful and that’s it. He just wanted to help us lighten our burdens and make ourselves useful. Including paying respect to other people doing financial transactions Until being deceived, that may because You just don’t want to add burden to us. Sun said that if we look at the reasons for his actions rather than the results. Maybe we can understand each other better.