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Advantages of drinking water

          Water is an essential thing that our body needs every day. To take care of various organs to work efficiently. But with the current situation changing The hustle and bustle of life Work or activities that require us to focus our attention so much that we forget to take care of ourselves. For example, eating breakfast regularly. exercise including drinking water Because I think it’s okay, I’ll do it later or I’ll take it easy because I’m busy with the work in front of me. But when we forget to take care of it regularly Silent dangers in the form of illness may come to you without your knowledge. http://ufabet999.com

Advantages of drinking water

  1.  Helps refresh the body. animated Helps various organs in the body work more efficiently.
  2.  In the morning gives your brain a boost after waking up. Increase concentration to start the day
  3.  30 minutes before eating will help you eat less. and easier to digest
  4.  Between meals increases the effectiveness of weight loss. For anyone who wants to lose weight Drinking water helps in the fat burning process well.
  5.  Drinking enough water to meet your body’s needs. Helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. high blood pressure and cystitis because that water will go in
  6. blood viscosity Helps the circulatory system Makes our blood flow more efficiently
  7.  Helps keep our skin hydrated and healthy.

          You already know the benefits of drinking water. Let’s get to know the disadvantages of not drinking water. That if we don’t drink water regularly for many years, what will happen to the body?

Disadvantages of not drinking water

  1.  Not feeling fresh The reason is because When we don’t drink the appropriate amount of water that our body needs. Our brain will also be dehydrated, causing our thinking, processing, and brain commands to various organs to slow down, and our blood will still be highly concentrated. As a result, blood cannot flow to the brain adequately to meet demand.
  2.  bone and joint pain The reason is because our body needs water to nourish various organs in the body, whether it is the knee joint or the bone disc, they all need to be nourished. When we don’t drink as much water as we need. The functioning of various joint systems also has problems.
  3.  Hemorrhoids The reason is because when the food travel system lacks the required amount of water. Filtering waste out of the body There is also a small amount of water. Makes our stools hard and dry. When it’s time to have a bowel movement, it can cause inflammation of the anal area. Can have hemorrhoids as well.

          Now you know how important drinking water is to our bodies. You should set aside time to take care of yourself. Or if you really don’t have time to walk and drink water, try keeping a water bottle on your desk. For convenience in drinking water as well.