5 ways to relieve stress, low budget version

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5 ways to relieve stress, low budget version

It is believe that many people have cumulative stress. Whether working, studying, or others. As if the holidays did not exist. until the accumulated stress And fatigue, both physically and mentally, wanting to relieve stress, wanting to work hard, having little money, not having enough budget to make you feel good.

I believe that many people may feel that just stepping out of the house or staying in the room sometimes wastes money. With the changing times, access to online shopping or ordering food at home has increased accordingly. The cost of living, the more you live in the city, the bigger it is. Is there any way to help us?

And it would be great to be able to relieve stress and save money at the same time. Today we will tell you about 5 stress relief techniques for people with low budgets, how to relieve stress for people with low budgets and save money in their pockets. And get rid of more stress and be happier for sure and still maintain the lifestyle. That we have to work with, from taking work back to work on holidays as well Let’s go see what’s there at UFABET.

1. Exercise

Sounds like just thinking that exercising discourage for various reasons. That make me feel that I don’t want to do it, but I can believe that exercising. Whether outside the home or in your own room, can help us greatly relieve stress. The author, too, was one of those people who at first didn’t feel like exercise would make it any better. But when I opened my mind and tried to start with it intentionally once, it was refreshing. It relieved a lot of daily worries. plus more health This method, in addition to losing less money. The cost is only 100-200 baht,

For those who are thinking of going to exercise outside the home. There may hidden travel expenses. Recommended as a park Or in the room of friends themselves so that they do not lose a single baht, just open Youtube and type that teach exercise at home. It will come into many different techniques for us to choose to do accordingly. Without having to travel outside to waste money at all Get into this industry once and you’ll forget how stressful it was at first for a moment.

2. Relaxing massage

There are many massage shops that offer affordable prices, ranging from 100-300 baht per hour or more. It depends on each person’s budget and how they like to relax.

Highly recommended because in addition to stretching the line Of the body is also the way. That we think in the head is relaxed

Massage can be divided into many ways, Thai massage, oil massage, neck and shoulder massage. Which is chosen as a relaxation method. Because it relaxes the tense muscles. to loosen and still treat the symptoms Office Syndrome in another way

3. Take a warm shower before going to bed.

A warm bath is another great way to relax. but before taking a warm bath. Take a shower with cold or normal water first and then start warm water. So that the rhythm of body temperature will not be snatched away And the advantage is that. When the body that comes out of the warm bathroom meets the cold room, it will cause the body that collides with the colder air outside the bathroom. will make you feel refreshed and relaxed than that

4. Find something fragrant to put in the room.

Smelling essential oils can help greatly. Which in the market are sold at a price that is not expensive and not as high as you think. You may try to buy through online shopping. Yes, because the price is really cheap. There are many designs to choose from. and neglected perfume When the volatile perfume vapor works Our rooms will be filled with ozone that revitalizes the body. There is ozone from the room with a nice aroma that makes you feel refreshed as well.

Because of the room that has an air conditioner or a fan When the summer weather is very hot It will keep our room dry. time to wake up It will not make you fresh. Accidentally, it’s still so hot that I feel uncomfortable. Finding volatile fragrances to buy together with Comes with an aroma diffuser Available for sale online at an affordable price as you think.

5. Listen to music or turn on nature sounds.

Sound is incredibly important for us to feel relaxed. It is recommend try to listen to forest sounds, Nature sounds before going to bed. May listen to by way opening on the phone. Or connect to a Bluetooth speaker, recommended as Xiaomi, available for sale in many cheap online stores and the sound is really good Guarantee that it’s worth it. For those who have low budget and want to find something to relieve stress But if you already have a good personal recommendation, try turning on the forest sound. The author will introduce the website. that gathers the sound of the forest of the whole world that has a recording of a real place to listen to each other Listen to each other at Sounds of The Forest. Highly recommended. Guarantee that it’s good for your heart. Plus, it also opens the world of knowledge about how the forests of each country will have different sounds.