Thomas Tuchel urged Andreas Christensen to extend his contract.

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Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has urged defender Andreas Christensen to extend his contract.

The 25-year-old defender has not played since the international break back last month. while the current contract expires next summer 

Tuchel said: “We are hopeful that that (Not playing) will have little effect on contract negotiations.”

“What I’ve understood for the past few weeks is that Andreas wants in the same way as me and the club. But we have waited a long time for confirmation.”

“What he showed on the pitch He also had to show off the pitch and talk and do. He told us he loves Chelsea and wants to stay. He is an important part of a big club. We, too, want a firm confirmation.”

Now with his contract expiring in the summer of 2022 and having been linked with interest from Barcelona, ​​Andreas Christensen has been urged by his manager to immediately renew his contract at Chelsea as there have been no further developments on his contract talks.

“I don’t have any good news,” said Thomas Tuchel of his players’ situation. “It was my understanding a few weeks ago that Andreas wants the same thing with me, that he wants the same thing with the club, and that’s why for me it is a situation without problems because everyone wants the same thing as far as I understand it.”

“We waited a long time for confirmation. Andreas has to act immediately how he acts on the pitch, he has to act now off the pitch, and have contract talks because he told us he loves Chelsea, he told us he wants to stay and be a big part of this club.