Thomas Tuchel has confirmed that striker Romelu Lukaku is ready

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Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel has confirmed that striker Romelu Lukaku is complete and ready for the clash against Watford (December 1), but Jorgin’s profile Ho, Reece James and Timo Werner face fitness tests.

Lukaku is fit and ready to be part of the squad again. After coming back to play as a substitute late in the match tie Manchester United 1-1 the mackerel Michael confirmed that striker Campbell Jian ready.

The cases of Jorginho , James and Werner are exhausted from the battle. But the winners are Ben Chilwell ( knee ligament ), N’Golo Kante ( knee )  and Mateo Kovacic ( thigh ) .  

“ Romelu was a pretty easy decision. He is ready to play more. And this is his status at this time, ”  old consultant for 48 years, said.  

“The game against Watford tomorrow. Of course we won’t have ‘ Chilly ‘, ‘ Kova ‘ and N’Golo, and the fitness of some of the players will need a little more consideration. It needs to be checked further before deciding whether they can participate or not. ”

Thomas Tuchel has confirmed that striker Romelu Lukaku is ready

“ Reece James , Jorginho and Timo Werner still have to wait and decide. They trained with us until the end of Tuesday. But of course there is a last-minute decision for these players. ” 

The boss, who recently won the Ballon d’Or’s Team of the Year award , also talks about the future challenging queues he is ready to tackle.

“ It’s going to be a challenge. But before, it was challenging as well. But we will not change the way we play. ” 

“ As you guys know We will go step by step If you look too far.  You can see that there is a brutal week ahead of us. That’s why we concentrate on the details. Focus on the next game or maybe the next two games. That we can rely on to predict. Because we have received amazing support from all parties. ”

William Hill has given Chelsea the second title this time around at a 3/1 rating ( thrust 1 pays 3, excluding capital ), behind only Manchester City (4/6).