Gabriel Margalles faces an ax attack at night when thieves are stalking

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Arsenal defender Gabriel Margalles faces an ax attack at night when thieves are stalking. He using a baseball bat to threaten to attack a parked Mercedes. Fortunately, the Brazilians show off their fighting skills to survive.

A report from ‘ Mail Online ‘ reveals a second life picture of the 23- year- old footballer and friend Rodrigo Tavares going on a night out and returning home. It appears that 3 thieves were following them. Threatening to take their belongings, including car keys , mobile phones. and luxury watches  

The images from the cameras recording the event that the defenders ‘ cannon ‘ even blackmail was his property, but he is conscious of – secondary to slow the bandits action. Then ran around from the driver’s side to the other side, so the villain tried to hit him with a weapon.  

Then it was Gabriel’s stealth skill that the scene dodges a baseball bat. Although slams his fist in the face of the thief , throws it on the ground, and rips off his hat to hide his face. Then let the thieves fled with their local dance together, one in the garage and another one lookout door.  

Gabriel Margalles faces an ax attack at night when thieves are stalking

“The victim was not injured. but was terrified by the incident, ” Attorney Martin Lewis told Harrow Crown District Court .  

“ It happened to two victims who were very fit and were able to take care of themselves. ” 

Gabriel brought witnesses from the scene. Including CCTV footage. And the assailant’s helmet, to report him. The police speed up the investigation of DNA evidence found on the crime list Abdel Hamdi’s Museo age of 26 years have not all cases before.

This past August, he was released from prison after serving 56 months for heroin possession sales offenses. Or going back to 2009 was guilty of possession of a weapon.  

The report did not specify when the incident occurred. Including never having been informed by the Arsenal club as well.  

This is not a team ‘ Artillery ‘ The first one was the thief’s local London-based harassment because a few years ago. This former player ‘s Zeus’s Old City was hit by an ambush in broad daylight is still nice to have a staggered compressed Cola’s Maria. Team mate can be eliminated.