Fabio Cannavaro has pointed that Harry Maguire lacks a nasty streak

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Italian legend Fabio Cannavaro has pointed out that Manchester United centre-back Harry Maguire must know to play dirty at times to stop his attacking opponents.

         The England national team has been heavily criticized for their performance this season with the agency. Especially the timing of the wrong play causing the team to lose the goal. In Cannavaro’s view, Maguire, including Manchester City ‘s John Stones, are England’s best defenders. But lacks the tact that Giorgio Chiellini has

         “Stones and Maguire have produced interesting results over the past year. Both of them play good football. And play defense without fear,” Cannavaro told ufabet and The Sun.

         “They are doing well both in terms of personal performance and playing against other centre-backs. They exemplify both Man City and Manchester United – and without a doubt they are two of England’s best defenders.”

         “When faced with hardships They are responsible and not afraid to try new things, but Chiellini remains the spirit of the Italian defense and the level of intensity needed to stop a striker during difficult times.

Harry Maguire lacks a nasty streak

         “Maguire and Stones play different types of football and maybe lack some dirty play, which Giorgio has.”

At the age of 48, Cannavaro still looks as fit as a violin and you would support him to do a job in most Premier League defenses today.

It’s scary to think of his value at his peak in the current market, but the Italian himself offered a modest assessment of what he feels he was worth.

“Winning the World Cup elevates a normal player to legendary status,” he added.

“The Ballon d’Or was an extraordinary result but it was only the consequence of my performances at this World Cup.

“I don’t know how much I would have been worth today. After the 2006 World Cup, I would have surely been worth around 100 million pounds!