Edinson Cavani has urged Jadon Sancho to step on the accelerator

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Manchester United forward Edinson Cavani has urged junior winger Jadon Sancho to step on the accelerator. After scoring in two straight games in all competitions. Because the more form it sucks, it’s good for the Red Devils team.

Sancho has scored twice in his last two games, either the 2-0 Champions League win over Villarreal or the weekend ‘s 1-1 draw with Chelsea, his confidence is full. Therefore, as an experienced footballer, ‘ Edie ‘ is cheering for the good players to hold the momentum to replace the first season that has not been played yet.  

“ I consider one thing when we score goals. It gives us time to breathe. as a guarantee for the work. And He make the mind calm to continue working hard to keep their head down. ” Opening the mouth to the ufabet club’s website .

Edinson Cavani has urged Jadon Sancho to step on the accelerator

“I think a lot of times in the world of football you need a very strong mental state. in order to continue to work hard Even though many situations are unsatisfactory We are nameless among the scorers. ”

“ If there is that will give you the fire to work on. Dedicated to training hard and maintaining peak fitness. ” 

“ We are happy that he scored the first goal. I think that in the past that guy must have faced quite a difficult time. But football is like this. Because you have performed at an outstanding level before. As usual will be expected And when it can’t do the same thing. It’s often talked about or questioned. ”

“ I think he just needs to prove everything. He has out there now  lurking smoothly and clearing his mind. Because often there is only one thing that can make you enjoy your success , raise your standards. Other matters Practicing hard will give you peace of mind. ” 

“ So at this point hopefully he can do good things for the club. Personally, I also hope to see him succeed and hope that he will have many more successes throughout his career at Manchester United. ” 

Sancho is the favorite number from the Sky Bateman to withdraw the scoreboard first game for Manchester United – Arsenal de Thursday at 7/1 ( bet one pays 7 excluding grants ).