Calvin Phillips has ruled out conflicts with Marcelo Bielsa

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Leeds United midfielder Calvin Phillips has ruled out conflicts with Marcelo Bielsa and said he was happy with the win.

Phillips recently helped Leeds United to a 1-0 win over Crystal Palace with Rafinha’s stoppage-time winner moving. It up to 15th in the interim table. 

Phillips had previously been linked with dissatisfaction with Bielsa after being sent off as a defender and being substituted at half-time. During the game against Brighton last weekend.  

“I have seen a lot of news on social media and on TV saying me and the manager conflict. It doesn’t matter. And I don’t want to care,” Phillips said. 

The England midfielder said of the team’s victory: “Very relieved, I think we deserved the win. We created chances in the first half. and a little luck in the last minute With the handball [penalty] I was very happy.”

‘I will play any position the manager asks me. That if he wants me to play centre back I will play centre back, if he wants me to play goalkeeper I’ll play goalkeeper. I respect him so much I will never fall out with him,’ he told Amazon post match.

‘I saw a lot of things on social media and TV that me and the manager had fallen out. It’s never been the case and I wanted to put that to bed.’

On Monday, Bielsa had also denied there being a rift with Phillips. That insisting his decision to substitute him was purely tactical.