‘Allegri’ reveals his passion is still strong

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Massimiliano Allegri, Juventus manager, revealed that he still has full passion for managing the team after taking charge of the team that passed the 400th mark in the last Copa Italia game. The

last game was Allegri’s 400th match in charge of the Juventus team. Allegri was able to lead the team to a decisive 4-0 win over Frosinone. After the game,

Allegri Came out to thank Lutaem for doing an excellent job. He also revealed his good relationship with the club’s sporting director, Cristiano Giuntoli.

“I thank my team for their excellent performance. They are fun to play and entertain the audience. The director had a lot of confidence in me. We have to focus on the present and the upcoming future. “

There is now a very special semi-final game with Lazio approaching in April. But before that we have to focus our attention on the Serie A games.” http://ufabet999.com

Allegri also revealed that the passion he has for his job is the secret to helping him stay in the profession. for a long time

“I have a great passion for my work. I still enjoy it and had the opportunity to train with the real champions at Juventus from 2010 to 2019. “

I’m back again and the goals are different but it’s still fun. always This set of players still has little experience but has a lot of potential. So it’s good that I can help them adapt. ‘

Look at Bremer, he’s different from when he first joined at Juventus. It took a while. We will know where we are and what the team needs from you.”

“I have seen them grow. They are a good team and that is important to me.”