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How to consume spinach to be safe and get the most benefit?

Spinach is rich in various nutrients. If received in the right amount regularly, it may have beneficial effects on health. The following tips may help you eat this nutritious leafy green vegetable safely and get the most benefit. Eating fresh, uncooked spinach may help increase

High-energy foods that are good for health.

Those looking for high-energy foods may try starting with foods on this list. Foods that provide high energy or foods that are high in calories It is a food group for people who are controlling their weight. Whether it is a person who wants to

Foods that increase platelets that are easily available to eat.

Eating foods that increase platelets It is one way that may help increase platelet levels in the body. The amount of platelets is quite important for patients with thrombocytopenia. Those looking for foods to increase platelets may try choosing from the following examples:UFABET  1. Spinach

Benefits of baking soda that you may not have known 

In addition to being used as a fluffiness enhancer in desserts menu. The benefits of baking soda that many people may not know are as follows: 1. Helps keep the mouth clean Baking soda has properties that help reduce the accumulation of bacteria in the

Drinking urine can cure disease. Really?

Answer: Not true because almost all substances that are excreted. By the body are excreted through urine. It is a waste substance that results from the body’s metabolism. and the body doesn’t want to use it If it remains in the body, it can have negative effects. There are

7 diseases that “plain water” can actually cure

If you don’t believe it, you have to believe that “plain water“ can really cure all sorts of diseases. It is not black magic or related to any religion, but it is based on science. And this is a normal human mechanism. It’s also a disease that many


Advantages of drinking water           Water is an essential thing that our body needs every day. To take care of various organs to work efficiently. But with the current situation changing The hustle and bustle of life Work or activities that require us to focus

Food for diabetes patients

Diabetes is a disease in which blood sugar is higher than normal. It occurs because there is little insulin. or the body does not respond to insulin This makes sugar unable to be used normally. Symptoms include frequent urination, frequent thirst, weight loss. Long-term results can cause diabetic retinopathy, kidney

Learn&Know mental health problems of the elderly

Learn&Know mental health problems of the elderly. Hello all readers Has everyone ever wondered. Why some of our elder relatives like to have neglected us? Or perhaps there are ups and downs. Some people like to have fun with their grandchildren. Some people like to keep quiet. and some people

Miracle happen when we wake up in the morning

Miracle happen when we wake up in the morning. Many people may feel lazy. Or reluctant if you have to wake up early We too have been like that. But we want to try to change ourselves. as we have many things we want to do so try waking up early and