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Mauricio Pochettino was fired from the club by Chelsea.

Mauricio Pochettino was fired from the club by Chelsea. After leading the team to perform well in the period after successfully finishing 6th in the Premier League table. Mauricio Pochettino, former manager of Chelsea, revealed. That He is ready to listen to offers to manage the team.

Eriksen clearly responds preparing leave Manchester United

Eriksen clearly responds to rumors that he is preparing to leave Manchester United to play in the Saudi league this summer. Manchester United midfielder Christian Eriksen has become the latest player To link with a move to the Saudi Pro League team, and he has

Pep opens up about the opportunity to return to manage Barcelona

Pep opens up about the opportunity to return to manage Barcelona for a second time after his Manchester City contract expires. Pep Guardiola talks about rumors of Ream moving back to Barcelona once his contract with Manchester City expires next year. Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola talks

Cole Palmer has performed so well with Chelsea

Cole Palmer has performed so well with Chelsea that he has been named to Euro 2024. Chelsea goalkeeper reveals new nickname Cole Palmer given to him by teammates. Chelsea goalkeeper Djordje Petrovic has revealed his unique nickname Chelsea talented forward , “Beans” because the England midfielder

How to consume spinach to be safe and get the most benefit?

Spinach is rich in various nutrients. If received in the right amount regularly, it may have beneficial effects on health. The following tips may help you eat this nutritious leafy green vegetable safely and get the most benefit. Eating fresh, uncooked spinach may help increase

High-energy foods that are good for health.

Those looking for high-energy foods may try starting with foods on this list. Foods that provide high energy or foods that are high in calories It is a food group for people who are controlling their weight. Whether it is a person who wants to

Foods that increase platelets that are easily available to eat.

Eating foods that increase platelets It is one way that may help increase platelet levels in the body. The amount of platelets is quite important for patients with thrombocytopenia. Those looking for foods to increase platelets may try choosing from the following examples:UFABET  1. Spinach

Benefits of baking soda that you may not have known 

In addition to being used as a fluffiness enhancer in desserts menu. The benefits of baking soda that many people may not know are as follows: 1. Helps keep the mouth clean Baking soda has properties that help reduce the accumulation of bacteria in the

‘Allegri’ reveals his passion is still strong

Massimiliano Allegri, Juventus manager, revealed that he still has full passion for managing the team after taking charge of the team that passed the 400th mark in the last Copa Italia game. The last game was Allegri’s 400th match in charge of the Juventus team.

Singha forwards ‘David Datro’ to Burnley on loan.

News report from Fabrizio Romano has confirmed that “Sing Blues” Chelsea have reached an agreement to release David Datro Fofana to Burnley. Continued on loan immediately. After just being brought back from Union Berlin. It is believe that this deal does not have an option to